After having integrated our formats on your website, it is necessary to wait a couple of hours to see the first ads.

If after one hour the ads are not shown or are shown in blank boxes, there are four possibilities:

Some formats do not have a 100% fill rate due to their high price for advertisers. This means that the advertising will only be visible to a percentage of the visitors.

You are the webmaster of the website and therefore have no 'advertising value' for advertisers. Our partners detect that you spend a lot of time on your website without ever clicking on the ads or making a purchase by passing through the ad. Your IP address will then not be accepted and as a consequence you do not see the ads.

You are checking your website from a country where the number of advertising campaigns is limited. In some countries the limited number of advertisers does not allow The Moneytizer to guarantee 100% space filling.

Advertising performance (click rate, visibility...) is very weak and does not attract advertisers. Your fill rate will therefore not reach 100% despite the large number of partners we have.

There are two ways to check that you have placed your ads correctly, the first is with the first statistics in your personal space The Moneybox and the second is by connecting directly to a VPN in a common location.

An account manager can verify that you have placed the formats correctly and that their visualization is ideal, feel free to send a message in our chat.
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